March - April 2018
A R E A Gallery
289 Columbia St
Cambridge, MA

Artist Ryan Leitner feels like it’s time to build. Not time to build up walls, but
time to build up oneself. This statement may seem like a familiar sentiment in the
context of American history, and Leitner believes it’s important that we don’t repeat ourselves. That’s why he has resolved to create his freedoms and not wait for others to give them to him. A R E A is proud to present Leitner’s solo show, RESOLUTION, as the final exhibition in our Cambridge venue.

Working primarily with the body and the objects that are made for it, Leitner began this project in the bedroom, creating an interactive space consisting of a bed and paintings that adorn the walls around it. The artwork deals with themes pertaining to the joys and constraints of freedom, and contains a quilted bed that invites the audience to sleep, sit, lay, and hang out.

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