What started off as a performance to honor the queer histories and people in public spaces, Strange Inheritance as a project has morphed into new and different ventures. Inspired by the acts in labor by Mierle Laderman Ukeles, I traveled the country and the UK on a quest to find local LGBTQ+ public spaces and monuments to clean and wash. Upon closer inspection of some of these monuments and their founding organizations, I found monuments that were in actual need of restoration. With the aid of different local governments, I have been able to restore some of these historic sites.

Below is an ongoing series of articles about the project and a list of the monuments visited so far. Please check back as I will be updating this page with current events and actions.

Latest Article:

Strange Inheritance: Origins

Strange Inheritance: Past

Monuments Visited

  • Pink Dolphin Statue, Galveston, TX
  • Highbury Fields Plaque, Highbury Fields, London
  • Upstairs Lounge Plaque, New Orleans, LA
  • Transgender Memorial Garden, St. Louis, MI
  • The Indiana AIDS Memorial, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • New Orleans AIDS Memorial, Washington Square Park, New Orleans, LA
  • Stewart Butler’s Activict’s Memorial, New Orleans, LA

Monuments Restored

  • Pink Dolphin Statue, Galveston, TX
  • Upstairs Lounge Plaque, New Orleans, LA

Funded by

  • SMFA Traveling Fellowship, SMFA at Tufts
  • Research & Archives Grant, LGBT+ Archives Project
  • Office of Human Rights and Equity, New Orleans