In this show titled "Familiar Cast", the queer body takes center stage in the most common of places. Presenting themselves as visibly queer or not, Leitner looks into how his figures assert themselves within different spaces. From scenes of a soldier at boot camp to a customer ordering at a bakery, these continue to be battle grounds for people within the LGBTQ community. Showing these spaces and the queer body as they are shouldn’t be intriguing or political, but they continue to be. In this series, Leitner wanted to see why.

With an instinctual approach, the figures and scenes are created through a collaboration of disparate materials and techniques. Incorporating the practice of water marbling, tie dye, as well as thermo transfer photography, the pieces become a woven mixture of textures and colors that span many different mediums.

Presented at Art Klub in New Orleans, LA.