We repainted the walls and set the coach on the street like we’ve done so many times before. Our passports were in hand and we were off. Our mother knew where we were going, but I had lost interest. Following our father in his Navy career, this was an annual event that left us with scraps from disparate places that we later weaved into our story. Much like the quilt patch like work in my paintings and installations, my history was one that was built on places movement.

    Employing materials that are fluid and ever changing, I work with mediums like the ancient print making practice of water marbling where I paint on water and then pick it up with canvas. This process creates paintings out of the waves and ripples made on the waters surface, giving the spontaneity and gesture over to the elements. Working with a micro camera, I look into the liquids, pipes, and places around me in order to delve deeper into the spaces I inhabit, getting a clearer vision of what really makes up the spaces. All of these elements are used harmoniously in my site specific installations, draping paintings over steel armatures that hold projections or video screens.

    Graduating from The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston in 2016, I have recently finished a residency at the Plumbing Museum of Watertown with a two month solo exhibition, curated an exhibition at The Piano Craft Gallery, as well as being in several group exhibitions.

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