Ryan Leitner was born in 1986 in South Carolina and traveled the world with his Naval family. He lives and works in Boston, MA. Since graduating from The Museum School at Tufts University with an MFA in Studio Arts in 2016, Leitner has created aqueous installations  — utilizing thickened water, solvents, canvas, acrylic paint, borescope cameras, steel, copper, and other materials — to explore the transient nature of people and their things. His paintings are often fashioned into his installations as adornments over the armature that holds his moving images of microscopic spaces that he navigates in his studio and work spaces. Leitner has held a residency with the Manoog program at the Plumbing Museum, curated multiple exhibitions in New England, and has solo exhibitions throughout the nation. He is currently designing costumes for the opera “Rumpelstiltskin” at the HB Playwrights Theatre in New York, has a solo show at AREA Gallery in Boston, and a solo show at SOHO House in West Hollywood, LA in June.

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